Monday, January 2, 2012

My Under $10 CVS Haul

Hey Beautifuls!! I hope you all had an awesome New Years and stayed safe! I had a very good New Years sitting around with my hubs and kids. I had an even more awesome time at CVS today spending my $7 Extrabucks certificate! I can't believe how much I was able to get and spending less then $10 out of pocket! I got 7 Beauty products all together! 
I got 3 Nail Polish's from Spoiled by Wet N Wild, a Perfume/Body Spray Set from Playboy in Play It Lovely.., and 3 Lipsticks from Revlon, only 2 are pictured because I actually a got a duplicate of one of the colors to add to my upcoming giveaway and put it in the giveaway box already :) 
 I have never seen this Polish Line before and I am super excited because the colors are BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to buy the whole display and maybe I will at some point. I got Pearly White Teeth, Papa-Paparazzi, and 2 weeks sober. If you are into glitter polish you are gonna totally love these. Spoiled is put out by Wet N Wild and they only cost $1.99 per bottle!! The style of the bottle and the price reminds me a lot of Sinful Colors, and I love those too! I can't wait to try them and I WILL do a review as soon as I paint my nails. Probably tonight! :) 
 I got 3 of these Lipsticks by Revlon. I got one in 096 Petal and 2 in 002 Icy Nude. Only 2 are pictured because the second tube of Icy Nude I got is for my giveaway I'm going to be having real soon, and I obviously wanna leave that one sealed and not open it! They are super gorgeous nude colors.I managed to snag these at 75% off, so they ended up being $2.69 a piece!! What a steal!
Then lastly I got this Fragrance set by Playboy in "Play it Lovely..." It smells sooooo good. The fragrance actually lasted a few hours which I was surprised considering the price. I got this for 50% off, so I only paid $7.49!!!! That is so crazy... less then a fragrance spray from Bath and Body Works!

So to break down the savings... I got 3 Revlon Lipsticks for 75% off making them $2.69 each. So that's $8.07 for the Lipsticks. I got the Fragrance Set at 50% off for a total of $7.49 I got the 3 Nail Polishes at $1.99 regular price. For a total of: $21.53! Then when I went to the Machine to print out my Extrabucks I also got a coupon for $5 off $20 or more. So I saved $5.00 with the coupon bringing the total down to $16.53 Then I had $7.00 in Extrabucks and that brought the total down to $9.53 !!!!! So I got all 7 of those things for under $10! Super happy!! Any of you ladies snag any really good deals lately??? If you did let us know what you got and how you managed to save big!!
Till Next time Gorgeous,


  1. I haven't seen WnW Spoiled line of nail polish in my area yet. Great score at CVS!

  2. @Lilybeans They are SUPER new. The cashier at CVS said they must have gotten it in that morning because that was the first time they ever saw or even heard about it! Keep your eye out, it's totally worth the $1.99 :)