Friday, December 30, 2011

Mini NYX Haul from HauteLook

Hi Beautifuls! My NYX Cosmetics Lip Set in Nude Pinks came in the mail today!!!! HauteLook had an estimated Delivery range of Wed 1/4/12 to Tue 1/10/12 so they were super quick! I placed my order on 12/19. They came very well packaged and I am super happy with the deal that i got. Everything in the picture above was $19.45 and that's with the $4.95 ground shipping. So the bundle was $14.50!!!! I wish I had more money at the time because the NYX bundles they were offering were awesome! 
 So these are the Lipstick Colors that I got. 
They look really pretty, I have not tried them out yet, but when I go to put my face on in a little bit I will be sure to find use for at least one of them :) 
Also part of the bundle I got a Jumbo Lip Pencil in 728 Iris! Super cute pink color. Much brighter then what i am used to using on my lips, but that's one of my New Years resolutions is to use more color on my lips and less on my eyes. Gotta break out of the mold! 
The last piece of the bundle is a Lip Liner Pencil in 858 Nude Pink. I figured it was a good color to try and learn how to properly apply lip liner and not look like a working girl on the corner! Teehee. 

So this is my awesomeness that just came in from UPS! Thank you HauteLook for sending this out so fast! This was my very first purchase from HauteLook and it surely won't be my last! 

Did any of you ladies manage to snag anything for the NYX sale on Hautelook? 

Till next time,

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