Thursday, November 3, 2011 and my October Swag Bag!

I was able to snag one of the October Swag Bags! What is a Swag Bag you ask ? Well first let me tell you about the website offering these wonderful gems. is an up and coming engaging community site comprised of online friends and a sample shop where interacting with other users gets you "Odd Coins" that can be spent in the "Sample Shop". So having fun online and chatting with girlfriends gets you Free Product Samples! It costs you NOTHING at all, not shipping not anything! The "Odd Coins" are obtained very easily and the points accumulate the fastest of all the sample sites I have ever tried. This brings me to the wonderful swag bags, and girls let me tell you.... they are WONDERFUL. This month I was lucky to be able to snag one of these before they sold out of the sample shop. Every month or so they offer these mystery "Swag Bags" filled with mystery goodies that include deluxe trial sized samples as well as full sized samples. 

 The contents of the bags are different for everyone and based on your responses and participation they choose products targeted to your interests! I highly recommend checking them out. Definitely one of my favorite sites right now.