Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mini E.l.f. Haul/Review

 Hi Ladies!!

Another exciting day at the mailbox! Though this time the stuff wasn't free, it's just as exciting! I ordered a couple things from E.l.f. or In my personal opinion, they have some really wonderful products, but they also have some serious bust items too. There has been a lot of hype around both the new formulation nail polish and the Holiday 2011 Gem brushes, so those were my main reasons for placing this order. Well, enough of this, lets see what I got!
In this mini haul I purchased the Candied Lip Balm Collection, the elf eyebrow lifter and filler in medium, the new formulated nail polish in Mint Cream, two of the Gem brushes and for referring 3 people I was gifted the Hypershine Liploss in Berry Cherry.
This is the New Improved Formula Nail Polish in Mint Cream! I do apologize that my camera did not do  very good job at picking up the beautiful color, but that is the one thing I did like about this polish. I did not, however, find a huge difference between the new formula and the old. The quality seems to be about on par with each other.
This is the Polish after 1 coat, and I did apply it really thick and it was still very streaky. Not the smoothest application either.
This is after 2 coats, and before top coat. I would say that overall and compared to other brands out there in the same price range, this is just ok. I don't think I'll be getting any more of the elf polish myself, for the $2 it cost for this, I would rather wait until Walgreen's has a $1 sale on Sinful Colors polish, and snag 2 of those. The Mint creme color however is really pretty and perfect for Easter!
Next up..... The 2011 Holiday Gem Brushes! I'm going to say these really are cute brushes, and if you have a clear glass brush holder make sure you move these to the front because Girlfriend!!!!..... they are cute! Turn on your makeup lights and can you say bling bling?? With that being said, I do think they could have made the quality 1000 times better. I lost a couple of the gems off the handle just taking it out of the package. No I wasn't rough with it either! Looks like they used a glue stick to keep the gems on, should have splurged for super glue! I also was surprised that they were so small. That's the gem eyeshadow brush lined up next to the studio eyeshadow brush (above). As you can see it's much shorter, but good for travel?
The quality of the brush however is identical to the Studio line brush. As you can see above, aside from the color the bristles are the same. Just as full and soft as the studio brush. Does a great job at picking up shadows! Overall, they are pretty cute. I won't be making them my go to brushes any time soon, but they do look nice in the brush holders and will work in a pinch! I paid $4 for the gem brush, and $2 for the Studio Line brush so if you are looking for the most bang for your buck, I would just stick with the studio brush.
Now for something I couldn't rave more about! The elf Eyebrow Lifter and Filler! This is a generously sized dual ended eyebrow pencil with a built in sharpener in the cap! At first I didn't have too high of hopes for the product, but everything right down to the sharpener impressed me. 
 One end of this pencil is an Ivory "lifter" or as I use it for, a highlighter. At the other end is a medium colored brow filler.  The formula glides on effortlessly, and this is something I now use on the daily! Thank you Elf for this one!!!

Now for this, The Hypershine Lipgloss in Berry Cherry, I have a Love/Hate thing goin' on. I love love the consistancy of the gloss, and the shine is WOW, but I don't notice any color? It doesn't have a different scent or flavor then my other Hypershine Gloss's so I'm not really sure if it's my lips or the product, but I think it's lacking. Not something I would spend my money on probably, thankfully it was FREE! :)
Lastly we have the Candied Lip Balm Collection. This is a BUST. I'm sad that I wasted my money on this and wish I would have gotten another product to try instead. Trying to think of something positive to say about it....
These come in three flavors, Blackberry Creme- Strawberry Creme-Vanilla Creme. As far as I can tell, none of them have a taste and they all smell the same, so I'm not sure why they are called Candied Lip Balms. 2 out of 3 tubes broke after the first application. When you push the product up to use it, they don't go back down again. That was disappointing. Very very very cheap packaging. These would definitely break if you tossed them in your purse. 
Above is the Lip gloss swatches as follows Blackberry Creme- Strawberry Creme-Vanilla Creme. As you can see, they don't offer much color either. I can say though, they do feel moisturizing and the formula is not sticky. But I would NOT recommend this product. Save your pennies, and get a better moisturizer! :) 

Well Ladies, that's my mini elf haul for the day! I hope you enjoyed and found at least part of this useful to you! I know I had fun doing it! Till next time!!

xoxo The Vampin Beauty

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where's the party?!

Hi Ladies!

It's always exciting when you go to the mailbox and somethings come for you! Most days it's just bills and junk mail, but not yesterday!! My presents for being's Week 1 winner were sitting there waiting to be opened! Let me start off by telling you a little about the site, then I will get into the goodies!  

What in the heck is you ask?

Valid Question.

Mugpaint is a social networking site for beauty lovers! If you read the forums, you'll learn it's actually more like Beauty Addicts Annonymous, though none of us are actually seeking help to STOP collecting makeup, we want ideas on what and where to buy MORE! It is a community dedicated to the use and application of cosmetics by average people and professionals. If you are looking to network with others in the name of everything beautiful then this is the place for you!! I love all the girls that are active members in the forums so participating in their current contest, just seems like an added bonus.

Ok.. So the site sounds totally awesome right?

If you still need more reason to check them out, then let me show you what I got for just posting in the forums!

                        Can you guess where this box is from??
That's the cutest packaging ever right?
Luxx Cosmetics Lipgloss in Reward
   (My favorite Gloss Right Now)
   Luxx Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Glee
   Super cute pink/Sparkly color :)
          15 Piece Pink Bundle Monster Brush Set! Soft/Quality Brushes, ADORABLE Brush Case!!

        Yeah good for me right?!?! But I'm sure you're dying to know how to get in on the action!

There is still time to participate in the weekly giveaways, and the shot at the GRAND PRIZE (a Swag bag filled with cosmetics at the retail value of 200$!)  
All you need to do is the Following:

1. Visit and register on their site.
2. Participate In the Forums section of the website.

One post = one entry to win the weekly contest giveaway
One post = one entry to win the grand prize.

It's that easy!

Along with that contest there are two other awesome oppertunitys to get free stuff.

LUXX Cosmetics is giving away a Full Sized Lip Gloss If you do the following:
1. 'Like' Luxx Cosmetics on Facebook.
2. Register at
3. Like Mugpaint on Facebook
4. Tell Luxx Cosmetics on Facebook you did this
5. Email your mailing address to:
6. Check your mail box for your gift In their Eye Section on the Forums is doing an Eye Look Contest.
Upload your photos of your great eye looks for a chance to win a gift card. All submissions must be uploaded on the thread for all to see and comment then at the end of the week a winner will be voted on and choosen!  

SO PHEW! There are many many reasons to check out this awesome site! It is growing in leaps and bounds every day, So make sure you join in on the party!!! :) You won't be sorry!