Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bath and Body Works Hello Yellow Sale!

Hello Beautiful! I got my box today with my purchases from Bath & Body Works Hello Yellow Sale! I got 7 products and it only cost me $11.60!! I love me some after Christmas Sales!!! 

The only problem with the really good sales, is almost as soon as you put your items in the cart they are sold out. I had double the amount of products for like $20 and when I went to pay what I got below was all that was left! Glad I got what I did though...
  I ended up with a full size 8oz Body Lotion in Passionfruit Coconut ($2.00), full size Mango Coconut Fragrance Mist ($2.40), Full Size Pomegranate Citrus Fragrance Mist ($2.40), Full size Passionfruit Coconut Fragrance Mist ($2.40), 2oz Body Lotions in Bali Mango, Rio Rumberry, and Aruba Coconut ($2.40 for all 3)! I love love love the scents of all these. Thank goodness because I kinda just ordered them hoping I would like them without smelling them first. 
 Now I want to paint my nails super bright fun colors bust out my shorts tanks and flip flops and find a warm sunny place to lay out! Let's not forget about a fruity drink with a little umbrella! These are perfect scents for summer! Did any of you ladies take advantage of the Hello Yellow Sale at Bath and Body works?? If ya did, what did you get? Put a link below if you made a post! I wanna check it out!

Till next time Gorgeous!

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  1. I usually do the Hello Yellow sale EVERY year! LOL. That's when i stock up! I might end up skipping it this year though : ( I'm not happy about it, but I still have plenty from the last one!