Thursday, January 5, 2012

John Freida's Foaming Hair Colour in 4R- My Experience

Hi Beautifuls! I just dyed my hair with John Frieda's Foaming Colour Hair Dye, and I just wanted to share my experience with you all. (To sum it up quickly I love it.)  Previously when I've dyed my hair with other brands in the past I've needed 2 boxes in order to cover my whole head. With this one box is MORE then enough. My hair is down to the middle of my back so I have a decent amount of locks :) 
This was my hair before dying it with the 4R. Medium-Dark brown, very blah.
Opening up the Dye Kit this is everything it comes with, in addition to the instruction book, but It fell on the floor as I was taking the picture, hehe. (: 
 I wanted to share this, and if you've ever used the drug store hair dye kits you know they come with the cheap-o clear gloves that no matter what you do one of the fingers has a hole in it and dyes your finger! Well these gloves are the heavy duty salon grade gloves. I LOVE THEM! Not even a tiny little speck of dye anywhere. They are also super comfortable and didn't leave my fingers sweaty. Bonus!
So to mix the dye, you tip it on it's side and just rock the bottle back and forth gently. DO NOT SHAKE IT! If you shake the bottle you can ruin the foam and that wouldn't be good!
This is what the formula looks like when you go to apply it. I was kinda leery about it when I first attempted this, it looks more like a foaming face wash, but it does work! Give it a chance :) 
Apply it to your whole head and wait 20 minutes to be sure the color gets in there good.
When you are done, rinse as usual, wait until the water runs clean, then generously apply the conditioner to your whole head. I normally shave and stuff now to give the conditioner a few minutes to really get into your hair follicles and re-hydrate your locks! Then obviously rinse the conditioner out and voila! :) 
This was my hair, before styling, or applying any products, and after using the John Freida 4R Hair Dye. I was pretty happy with the color! Hopefully the red lasts for a bit, I have a really hard time getting red to stay in my hair. But I will be sure to let you ladies know how it worked for me! :) Anyone else try the John Freida at home Hair dye kit?? What do you think?

Till Next Time Gorgeous,


  1. I have a box of this but haven't tried it yet. My hair falls to the middle of my back as well and I figured that I would need two. Maybe I will try it out this weekend.

  2. @Lilybeans I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of product you get. I bought 2 boxes when I went to do my hair and thank goodness I didn't mix the second bottle up ahead of time like I usually do! So I have the second bottle for touch ups in 6 weeks or so :) Let me know what you thought of it when you try it out!

  3. I use this dye and I LOVE it! My hair is down to my booty : ) I used to have to use 2 boxes of dye on my hair, but with this one box covered it all and I had great results!