Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free stuff and Newest Nail Design!

Hi Ladies! 

Today was a good day at the mailbox! :) Thank you to Isthatodd.com and Honeycat Cosmetics for my wonderful black friday samples!  I was lucky enough to snag....

 Chocolate Bath Melt Treats, they look and smell JUST LIKE Chocolate. The packaging is so adorable I don't have the heart to open them!
 I also got a small bottle of their Coquito Bubble Stuff, Bubbles! I tried a little in my hands and it suds up nicely, not to mention smells great and left my hands silky!
  I love the back of the bottle so I had to include it! In case you can't read the small print:

"Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble. It's not easy being a pretty kitty and after a night on the prowl, It's time to wash those naughty little secrets away. No better way then with this extra rich, moisturizing bubble bath with aloe and shea butter, a purrrfect recipe! "

Raawwwrrr.... I really enjoy their sassy marketing! :)  These products are totally worth your money and you should definitely check them out! :) For free samples, check www.isthatodd.com ! They have kick butt samples of all kinds of products to try out. Some of the time they are full sized products. Like the Bath Melts, that's a full sized product. Awesomeness! :) 

So those were my free finds today at the mailbox! I was quite happy! :) 

Now for my nails right now! They are a little over the top from what I am used to, but I was feeling some kind of way and went sassy! :) 
 This is honestly the first time I've ever done animal print nails, but they are fun! I'm enjoying them! :) I'll list the stuff I used below! 
Ulta's Nail Lacquer in Brownette. I really enjoy the formulation of this polish. It went on super easy, it's a nice consistency. One coat looked good, but I put a second on in hopes of increasing durability. I actually received this for free (of course) in a offer they had going on a couple months back, one of those spend so much and get a 13 piece kit free. 
Yup. That's the color :) 
For the spots I used these nail decals that I got off of Ebay for .01 ! That's right, you read it right!! The nail art sheet was only one penny, with free shipping! :) I love these things! They stick on really easy, stay smooth, and are kind of a pain to get off actually! But that means they have some staying power! If you go to ebay, and search nail decals, then sort by price from lowest to highest you will find tons and tons of designs for .01! Awesome deal. 

So that's what i got going on for today! Stay tuned, I have a whole bunch of freebies coming my way that I'm dying to show you, and tell you how you can get them! 

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