Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where's the party? Mugpaint.com!

Hi Ladies!

It's always exciting when you go to the mailbox and somethings come for you! Most days it's just bills and junk mail, but not yesterday!! My presents for being Mugpaint.com's Week 1 winner were sitting there waiting to be opened! Let me start off by telling you a little about the site, then I will get into the goodies!  

What in the heck is Mugpaint.com you ask?

Valid Question.

Mugpaint is a social networking site for beauty lovers! If you read the forums, you'll learn it's actually more like Beauty Addicts Annonymous, though none of us are actually seeking help to STOP collecting makeup, we want ideas on what and where to buy MORE! It is a community dedicated to the use and application of cosmetics by average people and professionals. If you are looking to network with others in the name of everything beautiful then this is the place for you!! I love all the girls that are active members in the forums so participating in their current contest, just seems like an added bonus.

Ok.. So the site sounds totally awesome right?

If you still need more reason to check them out, then let me show you what I got for just posting in the forums!

                        Can you guess where this box is from??
That's the cutest packaging ever right?
Luxx Cosmetics Lipgloss in Reward
   (My favorite Gloss Right Now)
   Luxx Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Glee
   Super cute pink/Sparkly color :)
          15 Piece Pink Bundle Monster Brush Set! Soft/Quality Brushes, ADORABLE Brush Case!!

        Yeah good for me right?!?! But I'm sure you're dying to know how to get in on the action!

There is still time to participate in the weekly giveaways, and the shot at the GRAND PRIZE (a Swag bag filled with cosmetics at the retail value of 200$!)  
All you need to do is the Following:

1. Visit www.mugpaint.com and register on their site.
2. Participate In the Forums section of the website.

One post = one entry to win the weekly contest giveaway
One post = one entry to win the grand prize.

It's that easy!

Along with that contest there are two other awesome oppertunitys to get free stuff.

LUXX Cosmetics is giving away a Full Sized Lip Gloss If you do the following:
1. 'Like' Luxx Cosmetics on Facebook.
2. Register at Mugpaint.com
3. Like Mugpaint on Facebook
4. Tell Luxx Cosmetics on Facebook you did this
5. Email your mailing address to: info@mugpaint.com
6. Check your mail box for your gift
Mugpaint.com In their Eye Section on the Forums is doing an Eye Look Contest.
Upload your photos of your great eye looks for a chance to win a gift card. All submissions must be uploaded on the thread for all to see and comment then at the end of the week a winner will be voted on and choosen!  

SO PHEW! There are many many reasons to check out this awesome site! It is growing in leaps and bounds every day, So make sure you join in on the party!!! :) You won't be sorry!

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