Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First GoGoGirlfriend Box

 Happy Hump Day Beautifuls! I was so excited to finally get my GoGoGirlfriend Box in the mail yesterday!! It took about 6 weeks for it to come in which was slightly disappointing because they say it should only take about 2-3 weeks for the first box. They actually tried to charge me for my second box before the first box even came, so needless to say I canceled my membership. I was not WOW'd by what came in it. I don't think I got my 12$ worth. But let me show you what I got! It wasn't a complete bust!
That is all the goodies, the best thing I got was either the Terry Cloth Headband or the Elf Eyelash Curler.
I got an All Natural Cherry Almond Soap. It smells fantastic, very very thin little bar so you may get 2-3 hand washes out of it.
I got a Blossoms Cosmetics Lip Shimmer & Gloss in Sunset. The color is pretty decent, but the formula is very sticky. If you don't like a super sticky Lip Gloss this isn't for you. The one thing I really didn't like about the Gloss is the packaging. There is no label on the tube with who the company is or which color it is. So I just ripped off the Blossoms sticker from the box and stuck it on the tube :)

My favorite thing in the box is the ELF Cosmetics $1 Line Eyelash Curler. Best eyelash curler I have ever had!! Unfortunately for me I already have one of these, but good thing for you Ladies... It will be a part of my New Year 2012 Giveaway :)
Next we have 2 Towelette Samples from Blum naturals. The first one is an Orange Peel Exfoliating Towelette. According to the packaging the Exfoliating pads are infused with natural and organic botanicals that remove eye & face makeup. These exfoliating pads contain micro-beads that help to deep clean & lift away dead skin cells. The second one is a Pro Age Daily Cleansing/ Makeup Remover with Grapeseed. The Pro Age Towelettes are infused with natural and organic botanicals that gently remove eye & face makeup. These soft towelettes gently cleanse and rehydrate for healthy looking skin. Featured Ingredient: Grape Seed Extract, also known as vitis vinifera, is derived from the seed of the grape. It is an anti-oxident and rich in Phenols. I have not tried out these towelettes yet, but I'm kinda excited to see how well they work, and what they smell like :) 
Not sure too much about this Lip Pencil, it is a Crayon De Levre Lip Pencil in LPL05 Current. I'm not sure if Crayon De Levre is the brand? But there is no other markings on the Pencil. The color of this pencil is way way way too dark for anything I could ever use it for, so I'm not too sure the quality. I'll probably give this away to someone. 
The next product is a Comodynes Self Tanning Towelette. This supposidly provides an even, safe and clean tan on the face and body in just 3 hours, giving a natural, healthy skin tone. No side effects, no streaking. Formulated with a moisturizing complex, eliminates that feeling of tightness and keeps the skin soft. I have not tried this out yet, but maybe in the spring I'll give this a shot! :)
 Another thing i was kinda excited about is this Spa Terry Cloth Adjustable Velcro Headband! Perfect to place hair out of your face to apply face masks, cleansing and make up applications! I was also thinking this would be great when dying your hair, if you don't mind it getting all stained. Washable, adjustable, soft and super comfortable! I can't wait to try this out! 
I found this item to be kinda odd and out of place in the box, but it's a GoGoGirlfriend Unscented Floating Candle. The following information is provided by GoGoGirlfriend; This is a classic, smooth sided, hand poured floating candle. It measures 3" (diameter) and 1 3/8" (Height). This floating candle features a sophisticated smooth finish, and burns for approximately 8-10 hours. Use in a decorative dish or check out their floating clear glass candle pillars. They sell them in their store as a set of 12 for $24.99 for members. So I guess they threw this in the box as a little sales pitch for themselves, which I guess makes sense. Not sure what I will do with it, but neat idea :) 
Last but not least....... we have Renu Derma Cosmetics Eye Cream. This comes in a 4 gram sample size jar, which is decent because a little goes a long way with eye cream. Certified organic nourishing anti-aging eye cream, hydrates and firms the delicate skin around the eye area. If you want the full size it's going to be $49.99 for members for a 14 gram jar. I haven't tried this on my eyes yet, I used a little on my wrist and it seemed to absorb pretty easily, there is no noticeable scent either! :)

So there you have it ladies, my November/December GoGoGirlfriend Box! Let me know what you ladies got, and if you were happy with what you received or not. I've heard from a few people that they were super unhappy and their boxes were missing a lot of the items. Like this one girl only got 2 items in her box! Crazyness.... So Until Next time.......

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