Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Freebie Of The Day!

Freebie of The Day! Hello Kitty Nail Plate!

Hi Ladies!
I am SUPER excited about the Freebie today! It's a free Hello Kitty nail art stamping design plate from the Born Pretty Store online. They sell mainly on Ebay, but also have their own Dot Com Store. You will need to have paypal to take advantage of this deal, but they DO NOT charge your account when you use the Code Below.  

How to get it:
1. Head to BornPrettyStore  <---Click here
2. Then make sure you are adding the Hello Kitty Nail Plate (Retails at $2.99)
3.“Add” the item to your cart and proceed to “Checkout”.
4. Choose “Non Registered Airmail Paravion $0.00
5. Select “PayPal Express Checkout” and enter the “Coupon code BP299” (Your PayPal account will not be charged as long as you enter the coupon code.) You won't be asked for the code until you get to the last step on the site! I was nervous at first, but I already did it so don't worry it works. LOL.
-You must have a PayPal to check out the item.
This Free offer is only good while supplies last, so make sure you snag yours ASAP!!
 In case the link I added doesn't work the direct URL to the item is:  http://www.bornprettystore.com/hello-kitty-nail-plates-p-932.html

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