Thursday, January 12, 2012

PINK! Inspired Nails of The Day

Good Morning Beautiful! 

I was getting dressed and saw this cute pair of panties I have from VS so I decided to go with a Victoria Secret PINK! Inspired nail design. They are just a simple white with pink polka dots!

I just thought they were fun, and super girly! :) 

The Products I used for this look are:
  • Dazzle Dry's Base Coat
  • 2 Coat's Essie Bone Chilling
  • Nail dotter and Sinful Colors Fusion Neon (60)
  • Dazzle Dry's Top Coat
 I am glad I FINALLY purchased a set of dotting tools, I always tried to make Polka Dots free hand and they just don't come out as good that way. I'm sure most of you already have them, but if you don't.... you should get some! I got mine off Ebay for like 9 dollars, and I got 5 different dotting tools, all different sizes and they are dual ended so you actually get 10 different sized dotters. I also use them to help place gems and decals <3 Totally worth the $$.

Well hope you all have a wonderful day!
Till Next Time Gorgeous,


  1. Super cute nails! I actually don't have any dotting tools. I think I might have to get one, looks like fun! :)

    1. I'm glad you liked them, they were really fun to do! If you are interested in a dotting tool Check out this link on ebay!!!

      They have a set of 5 for $1.59 and free shipping!! :)

  2. I bet they were! :) I know my toddler would want them done to hers too. She always wants me to paint her nails!

    Awesome, thanks for the link! They have a cute design on them too!

    1. How lucky are you to have a girly girl! That is so awesome. I hope you post pics if you girls do matchy mother/daughter nails! :)

    2. I sure will! :) This christmas we got her, her own nail polishes that had Hello Kitty on them. They stay with my stuff of course, since she'll be 3 soon. But she is so girly with a touch of tomboy, lol. She still loves her cars and trucks though.