Friday, January 6, 2012

My First Julep Maven Box!

Super EXCITED... My first Julep Maven Box Came in today! This was the cute little bag the items came in, I love the little red bow, nice touch.

These were the items I received for my first month as a Julep Maven. When I filled out the personality/style survey I was an "American Beauty". 

They showed these really pretty purple colors and I was excited about the choices they picked out for me. When the polish came in the mail they sent me 2 colors that I wouldn't have personally chosen for myself, and they weren't the colors they advertised on the site. I only paid 1 penny for the first month, so I'm only mildly disappointed, but if you go sign up and pay normal price I just wanted you aware you might not get the colors they tell you they are sending. =/ 

Aside from that Snafu, the packaging is very chic. I love the rectangle bottles, and the company design/logo. I have not tried the polish so I can't yet speak for the formulation. Kind of underwhelmed at the amount of polish you receive, .27 fl oz for $19.99 a month. Even for 2 colors.... that's almost 10$ a bottle!  
 This is their polish in Gwen, I did not receive this color, but it can be purchased in their store for $14.00. I just used this picture to show you the pretty bottle design! 

They also sent out a hand scrub, which I have not tried, but I did sniff it and it appears to be scentless, so if that is important to you that is something to keep in mind :) They also sent a little container of silver glitter. 

So overall.. I think the Julep Maven Subscription is meh. 3/5 stars if I had to give it a rating. I don't think value for product is very balanced. Unless they send something much more impressive for the second box, I will just save my pennies and go grab a couple Essie polishes for the cost of this subscription. Their packaging is very chic, and hip, but I would rather more product/quality over a cute bottle.   

Till next time Gorgeous!

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